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Sandi, Director of PMM @ Lumos

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Starter plans to start small, launch big.

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Release notes & product idea boards

Get started with our free tool. Host your own branded release notes page or widget, securely publish internal updates, and collect user ideas and votes.

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The Go-to-Market Platform

Get complete access to Ignition’s entire platform for just $3 per day. If we can save you just 2 minutes each day, we’ve paid for ourself (and we’ll save you a lot more than that).

  • 14-day free trialFREEFor 14 daysTry Ignition’s entire platform free for 14 days.
    • Everything in Liftoff
  • Launchpad$29/editor/month3 editor minimumEverything you need for core GTM planning and collaboration.
    • Unlimited viewers
    • Launch calendars & intelligent roadmaps
    • Copilot AI recommendations
    • OKR management
    • Plan documentation
    • Task management
    • Asset management
    • Insights management
    • All integrations
  • Liftoff$99/editor/month5 editor minimumAutomate research, measurement, and workflows.
    • Everything in Launchpad
    • Automated competitive intelligence
    • Customer research studies
    • KPI impact reports
    • Retrospectives
    • Custom workflow builder
    • Remove Ignition branding from public pages
  • MoonshotAccess Ignition, with enterprise access control and security.
    • Everything in Liftoff
    • Advanced security & permissions
    • SAML + Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • SOC-2 reporting
    • Audit logs
    • Custom contract & invoicing
    • Dedicated success manager
Ignition for Early Stage

Startups and nonprofits, get 75% off your first year.

Eligible startups and nonprofits get advanced Ignition features at a 75% discount. Reach out if you’re less than 2 years old and have raised under $25M in funding, or are a charitable organization.

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Ignition pays for itself in Xanax alone!
SandiDirector of PMM @ Spekit

Questions people ask us

  • How does Ignition compare to other tools?

    Ignition is the first and only GTM orchestration platform built by launch experts. It helps centralize all the moving parts that go into a successful launch, while automating critical tasks like collecting research, communicating with stakeholders, and measuring success. Rather than dozens of docs, task managers, and folders – whose disorganization adds friction and major scalability issues – Ignition gives you a single command center to manage the GTM process. Capable of replacing these tools, or complementing and sitting alongside them via dozens of integrations, it’s easy to deploy and helps spin up a process in minutes. Ignition is purpose-built to bring the best parts of existing platforms together and guides you through the entire launch lifecycle without the hours lost in project management.

  • What types of companies is Ignition best for?

    Any company who launches products, features, or campaigns. Our customers range from small teams dedicated to a single product feature to large enterprises that have thousands of daily tasks to manage across their organizations. Whether you’re launching small weekly feature releases or large annual launch events, Ignition keeps you going in the right direction.

  • How do plans work? Who counts as an “Editor”? Can I downgrade at any time?

    Every account gets a 14-day free trial of the main GTM platform. If you’re just looking to publish changelogs and collect product ideas, check out our release notes & idea management product. Once you choose your plan, we only bill you for Editors (people who can create launch plans, contribute content to the “Launch Plan” section, or manage research). Approvers, commenters, and viewers are all completely free. Editor seats are flexible and can be added or removed at any time.

  • How do you handle data privacy and permissions?

    Ignition uses robust security and privacy practices. Your data is protected, and user permissions give you complete control over who sees what, inside Ignition. For more detail, please reach out to [email protected].

  • This is great but how do I get internal buy-in?

    The most successful onboarding plans start small instead of trying to rebuild the house. We recommend that a single team use Ignition first, before adding cross-functional teams. Do that for a launch or two while using the communication tools to push information out to stakeholders to get them familiar with the new look of launch planning. We’ve built Ignition so even a single user can get value by enabling you to push information outward to cross-functional teams wherever they’re already living with customizable updates to email and Slack, exports to Google Slides, and even publishable zero-login public pages. We also have dynamic launch templates available to help you quickly get up to speed as you move away from spreadsheets and plain text documents.