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Ignition starts at just $3 per day. Try it free for 14 days. Cancel anytime. Viewing, commenting, approving, and updating tasks are always free.


Release notes & changelogs

Get started with our free tool. Host your own branded release notes page, embed a changelog widget anywhere, and securely publish internal updates.

Starting at @ $99/month

The GTM Platform

Get complete access to Ignition’s entire platform for just $3 per day. If we can save you just 2 minutes each day, we’ve paid for ourself (and we’ll save you a lot more than that).

Customer & competitive research

Collect, curate, and monitor critical market insights via expert surveys and smart battlecards.

Dynamic playbooks

Plan documentation, tasks, and assets — all with automated playbooks to build better plans, faster.

Intelligent roadmaps

Give your team a clear view of launch roadmaps and timelines, and automatically predict launch date risk.

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Ignition is building the gold standard in Go-to-Market.

Rich King, CEO @ Product Marketing Alliance

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Ignition helps you save money, and time that’s worth more than money, including:

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Ignition pays for itself in Xanax alone!
SandiDirector of PMM @ Spekit

Questions cool people ask us

  • How does Ignition compare to other tools?

    Ignition is the first and only GTM orchestration platform. We integrate with and complement your existing workflow, but if you like, we can also replace project management tools like Asana, documentation tools like Notion, asset management tools like Dropbox, and release notes tools like LaunchNotes. We love these tools, but they’re typically too generalized to help you actually do the highly specialized work required in GTM planning. Ignition brings the best parts of those platforms together, and is purpose-built to help you create better plans, and shepherd them through execution.

  • What types of companies is Ignition best for?

    Any company who launches products, features, or campaigns. That said, we really shine when serving startups in the technology or DTC space, who already have 1 or more marketers, and are trying to level-up or establish their first launch processes.

  • How do plans work? Who counts as an “Editor”? Can I downgrade at any time?

    We won’t even ask you for a credit card until your free trial is over! Until that point you’ll have full, completely free access to Ignition. You can always downgrade right from your menu, or by emailing [email protected] Our plans only bill you for Editors (people who can create launch plans, contribute content to the “Launch Plan” section, or manage research). Approvers, commenters, task users, and users uploading files are all completely free.

  • How do you handle data privacy and permissions?

    Ignition uses robust security and privacy practices. Your data is protected, and user permissions give you complete control over who sees what, inside Ignition. For more detail, please reach out to [email protected].

  • Can you really help me create better launch plans?

    You bet! Our team has years of experience launching products across a variety of industries. Our methodologies are simple, proven building blocks for effective GTM strategy. We can’t promise every product will succeed (there’s too many variables to guarantee that), but we can promise a sub-par GTM plans won’t be the reason they fail.

  • What’s the catch?

    No catch, although we may ask you to say nice things about us every so often :)